In Australia, Chinese and Indian students make up a good amount as foreign students, which in return means great revenue for the Australian government. There are several reasons students from Asia are attracted to this continent, some of which are Universities and institutes offering scholarships to others needing to sit for IELTS exams. To ease the financial burden for international students, there are many resources and online programs students can start during the Covid-19 lockdown. It is an obvious show from some resources of IELTS Classes Melbourne popping up on the internet these days, considering the crisis.

Is studying online with English Tuition Melbourne (ETM) an asset?

A popular online service called ETM, also known as English Tuition Melbourne, is offering its range of classes from IELTS, to PTE and ESL for 45 minute lessons for only $45. That’s one dollar a minute! How amazing is that! These online coaching classes are bound to help those students stay on track with their studies and know which direction to go in once the lock-down is lifted. If you manage to get an online booking from ETM for one of their classes, rest assured this reward is more than enough to keep your head held high and proud knowing you have an advantage over all the other participants sitting for the IELTS.

To put this in a more modest expression, you are bound to stand out from everybody else applying for the International English Language Testing System. Indian graduates are by far the world’s greatest paid according to results from QS Top reports.

With internationally recognised training from English Tuition Melbourne (ETM), their online lessons will improve not just your learning skills, but also your earning prospective with annual salary potential starting at “Ninety thousand dollars”, which is considered higher than the UK. Indian and Chinese students that have undergone a 4 month English program with ETM, have evidently acquired and grown in Executive companies not just within Australia, but around the globe.

The IELTS and PTE online programs from ETM provide international students with the opportunity to gain experience by pursuing internships, with top of the rank organisations. Success after passing the IELTS exam provides the amazing opportunity to gain residency and work experience within Australia creating job openings greater and brighter for International students and hence it is also one of the many reasons Indian students wish to pursue study with English Tuition Melbourne (ETM).

There will soon be a change for International Student Visa applications from India, China, Pakistan and Nepal, as they will now fall into the group of high-risk categories as the assessment levels for these countries have changed from Level 2 to Level 3. This puts a lot of pressure on students from these countries applying to Australia. Application requirements under the criteria may change depending on the current student visa framework, country of passport and level of education provided. Therefore, ETM or English Tuition Melbourne, has made its study material and services available online for the ease of beginning the studies and fast tracking the process of examination when they come about. English Tuition Melbourne doesn’t only provide these services to students overseas, they also offer IELTS Classes Melbourne or within Melbourne to international students and pupils stuck in Australia during this lock down process. The Assessment Levels, also known as ALs prescribe the criteria of requirement set out for visa applications, so it is a good idea for international students to take into consideration the streamline of the current visa system of Australia.