Support and Prepare

In your first lesson, you will be assessed by the English tutor on your current understanding of this subject.

  • PTE: this is a test mainly aimed at non-native English speakers who want to study abroad. To be precise, PTE academic is an English language test provided as a computer-based examination for students wanting to further their education overseas. There’s a particular multi-level test. It tests the person’s writing, speaking, reading and listening skills. My tuition programs will give results and if the student is struggling, I handle ongoing support so they aren’t stuck in any area.
  • IELTS tests: ‘International English Language Testing System’. This will assess your skills in English (specifically reading, writing, speaking and listening) as a non-native English speaker. Your tuition will provide you with the knowledge and understanding needed to pass the test.
  • Corporate Tutoring:This type of tutoring includes working on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, writing and presentation. It is designed for you to gain the skills and confidence necessary to for you to get by in the workplace.
  • Essay writing assistance:Writing an essay requires practice and skill that is developed over time. Assistance from your tuition classes will successfully train you in complex thinking, as well as help you write sophisticated essays.
  • Critical Reading development: This is a strategy and skill that you will need for many things, essay writing is a good example. Critical reading involves not only reading and understanding a text, but also asking yourself questions about the text and finding a deeper meaning within it. This technique allows you to form your own judgement about the particular text, allowing you to argue or analyse a point of discussion. Critical reading or thinking critically in general is a skill that will not only prepare you in essay writing, but will take you far in general. With critical reading, you will be able to organize main ideas and understand things further in depth. The tuition program will equip you with the skills and benefits of analytical thinking and understanding complex thought processes.
  • Homework help:Homework is extra practice that students are given as a way to revise what they are or have learnt. With your tuition, you will receive assistance with your homework which will also contribute to your education and learning.
  • ESL – English as a Second Language:This is a term often used to refer to someone whose first language isn’t English who wishes to learn English. The English tuition is specifically built for these students and will provide them with the training to improve and strengthen their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Handwriting:Handwriting is a part of the process of learning or improving English. It is challenging but worthwhile and is a skill that will strengthen over time.
  • Adult Literacy:those aged 15 and over who are struggling with English in everyday life, will find that this tuition platform will help anyone create short statements to proper conversations.
  • Study Skills and Speech assistance: You will be taught strategies that will assist you in your revision of material, which you will receive both in tuition and your other educations (eg, school, university). Speech/communication is an important aspect of the training program that will be heavily focused on for benefits in your daily life.

Test Preparation

  • Year 12 English Exam Preparation:Practice makes perfect. Your scheduled tuition times will not only provide you with assistance in essay or report writing, but you will also be given the opportunity to practice with challenges or mock exams.
  • Selective School Testing:These tests are made to challenge all students and ensure they have the skills necessary to thrive in their chosen or preferred school. One of the things students are assessed on is verbal reasoning (understanding a text and answering questions based on it). This will require critical reading and thinking which you will develop and improve in your tuition.
  • Scholarship Preparation:Unlike a normal school exam, a scholarship exam assesses the skills and expertise a student may display when excelling in a subject. It does not evaluate memorized or practiced information. Learning or improving isn’t the only benefit to knowing English. The enhanced skills you develop in English tuition will also help you unlock potential in other areas of study that may lead you to apply for a scholarship.
  • Tertiary Admissions Test prep: This is a scholastic aptitude test for entry into undergraduate programs in Australian universities. These English tuition classes will be most beneficial to International students that wish to study in University in Australia. This is only for students that do not require an ATAR, hence it is most helpful in University application.