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Online triumph for PTE students amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

The unexpected turmoil of Covid-19 has effected each and every one of us that are infected and non-infected. It has caused a major stop to businesses, employees, job seekers and most of all students. Those seeking PTE services or IELTS classes, have been left confused as to which route to take, now that personal, face-to-face sessions have been discontinued.

So what about those international pupils, with student visas, running low on time? There’s numerous learning systems that can be found on the web, which can get you there if your PTE studies are on a standstill. One leading source that is giving out great results is gaining popularity on the web. But for that, keep on reading to the end!

During the widespread epidemic of the Coronavirus, there has been a damaging impact on international students, their confidence and their studies. Especially those that are attempting the PTE Pearson English Language Test and education systems. Some are lost and don’t know where or who to seek training or help from. However when the world gets more cautious and restricted, this is more of a blessing in disguise. There are still chances of success for students wise enough wanting to grow and master their PTE and ESL skills. Pearson has continually made a range of digital services and have provided educators and teaching professionals a supply for online material, in order for students to carry on their lessons online.

This Pandemic has taught us all worldwide, the importance of digital learning. Educational programming has taken off online with not just news stations broadcasting web-based facilities, but also Social media adverts on the rise

ABC’s Managing Director said “With so many Australian children now studying at home or preparing to do so, the ABC is boosting its support for students, teachers and parents to help young Australians receive the education they need. Our expanded schedule will complement the many hours of education content already available on the ABC across multiple platforms and we will build on that programming as required. Australians trust and rely on the ABC and this is another way we can contribute to and support the community.”

The demand continues to grow for teachers, tutors and professional trainers online, pushing us all to take to web-based services and easing the load. The pressure has increased and some teaching specialists have considered career changes with immense amount of requests flowing in. Students that are local have readily received information from their institutes and learning bodies, with useful links to virtual material and assignments.


To some, the Covid-19 pandemic may seem as a time of hopelessness. Although not all hope is lost! There are various PTE platforms students can access in order to receive educational

practice and training. There is one specific PTE source which is offering online classes on discounted fees and charges. ETM also known as English Tuition Melbourne are providing online PTE Skype and Zoom lessons, in which the tutor helps you through the process of each class. On this online resource, there is a diverse learning to live, online content, assessments and tools. This is accessible to any country through Asia Pacific, regardless of age, location or level. Click here to check out this fun and virtual ESL website. ETM aims to assist students make progress in their lives through learning. This online tutoring service provides an array of quality PTE materials and tools. There has never been a better time to enrol online at ETM – English Tuition Melbourne.

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