Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

This Privacy Policy will take you through information on details for students, financial points, Bank/money transfers, data collected such as cookies, Reliability policy, cancellation policy, privacy policy changes, and contact information.

Data and storage

The Privacy policy is designed to help you understand how ETM collects, conducts and stores information about the students from any electronic device or interactive services. When the tutor uses “you”, they are referring to the student(s). You are required to submit minimum contact information about yourself such as your full name, address, password, postal code, email address and phone number. This can be given in the format of an e-mail or over the phone.

Providing your contact information and details is voluntary to help the tutor contact or reschedule a class if necessary. In accordance to giving your contact details, after the first initial contact either via e-mail or phone call, you give acceptance of this privacy policy. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy, you cannot continue with your application process for tuition classes. ETM does not disclose your personal information anywhere else.
In agreement to this statement, the tutor will make you sign a form that applies to this Privacy Policy.

Financial information

If you are paying ETM for your tuition program via a Bank or money transfer online, you MUST provide a screenshot or picture of the receipt and receipt number via e-mail to the tutor. This must be done a few days before your initial first class or you may not be permitted to attend the tuition classes. All receipt information from online transfers are collected and stored under Security standards. Cheques are NOT accepted. Other payment methods are available, however is first done in discussion over the phone call or in a booked appointment with the tutor.

Cookies: ETM uses cookies to help create better user experience and search criteria the student or parent is researching for. If you are curious to any other information about ETM or the website, you may contact the tutor regarding the subject at matter.

Your choices

Should you, as a student disclose any information provided to you from the tuition classes/program, you will be legally violating releasing vital study and resourceful material. This type of act is NOT PERMITTED.

Reliability policy

The tutor must be treated fairly, with respect. No disrespectful behaviour is permitted. Any verbal language of abuse or even physical rude behaviour will mean permanent termination of the student(s) tuition classes and any future classes as well of the same pupil. This reliability policy is to eradicate any bad behaviour so that all and any classes continue without harsh disruption. Students are also supposed to attend classes professionally as you would with any program and are expected to treat each other with the same amount of fairness as the tutor. If the Reliability policy is violated, you will be ceased to attend any classes and require to pay a penalty fee for disruption of the program.

If the student however, issues or requests a cease of their tuition classes, they must inform the tutor of this one week prior to termination. This is so that the tutor can make other bookings for students that want to attend classes within the programs. Before the ceasing of classes, the student MUST provide the tutor with a written valid reason for termination.

Appropriate cancellation timing
1. Class arranged and agreed on less than 1 week in advance, 24 hour notice required from the student
2. Class arranged and agreed on at least 1 week in advance, 48 hours’ notice required by student
3. Class arranged and agreed on 2 weeks in advance, 72 hour notice required from the student
4. Class arranged and agreed on 3 weeks in advance, 5 days of notice required from the student
5. If the class is arranged and agreed on 4 weeks in advance, 8 days of notice is required from the student

Cancellation Policy

Once you have paid fees and the tutor has confirmed which weekly program you have chosen, be it whether 9,10,12,15 or the 20 weeks plan, ETM and the tutor consider this booking to be final, subject to this cancellation policy. If the student (or parents who has booked the class for their child) has booked the time and day for the tuition lesson(s), it is given that both parties agree on the said schedule and therefore shall not be taken to have
been cancelled. And this is again, if the student has agreed to the terms and conditions and has paid before their first class. If the student requires to cancel and reschedule due to UNFORSEEN circumstances for a class, they must notify the tutor immediately within 48 hours of notice. If the student fails to provide a valid reason, or no doctor’s certificate due to illness or sickness or information detailing the unforeseeable event, the student will have to discuss if that lesson missed can be rescheduled or skipped, depending on the situation solely.

If however, the tutor cancels the lesson for reasons of if they are sick or ill in any form or any unforeseen event, then the tutor is permitted to inform the student(s) of their issue 24hours before their scheduled class, to reschedule another day and time for class.

Unacceptable reasons for cancellation

The lesson of the student will be charged, if:

  • The student is late, including but not limited if it is due to transport delays
  • Unable to reschedule due to the student’s unorganised skills or lack of planning
  • Lesson left unattended due to other such work or study obligations
  • The student fails to explain a valid reason for the agreed lesson time
  • The student fails to give sufficient amount of time in notice for the cancellation of the lesson (unless the class is cancelled for satisfactory or deemed acceptable reason as defined in this policy)
  • Student fails to give immediate (24hour) notice of cancellation which in return causes an inconvenience to the tutor

Replacement on a lesson

If in the case that the student does NOT provide a valid reason for cancellation of the lesson, the student shall then be charged for any class in the stead of a cancelled tuition session.

Arranged lesson policy and conditions

The arranged class or lesson is one which the student (or parent) agree to a time for their tuition lesson to take place. This agreement is made verbally over the phone or written in email format. If an agreement between the student and tutor is arranged on scheduled regular classes for a period of time (concerning which weekly plan), it will be considered that those lessons are arranged according to the same exact times as a regular routine for the students classes.

Privacy Policy Changes

ETM reserves the rights to change this Privacy Policy at any time. This is in case of any modifying of the site or information provided on it, any structures or functionality of the site or tuition classes. Any changes will be posted, with the effective date of the change in policy. You are encouraged to review the Policy and any changes it has updated with if you are an active or ongoing student.

Any questions relating to this privacy policy can be directed to the ETM tutor at along with reference of the Privacy topic in the subject

The students are expected to display the same amount of hard work and dedication as the tutor. If a student is falling behind, the tutor will address it privately with them. Some circumstances may be unforseen, however if the student is not putting enough effort into studies, the tutor has no responsibility over any failed tests or exams.