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 English as a foreign language Tutor, I have always displayed my careful approach by creating and preparing detailed lesson plans.

Even when I was the student back then, I made sure to dedicate some part of my day to teaching others, through tutoring fellow students and volunteering for tuition seminars and classes.

Since we are all unique in our own way, this experience also helped me figure out different approaches to teach the English language and further students in their reading, writing, speaking and listening.


As an Accredited TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) Tutor, I have always displayed my careful approach by creating and preparing detailed lesson plans. I specialize in training IELTS and PTE students, as well as adult ESL students in Melbourne, although it doesn’t just stop there. I am also proficient in assisting children in their English school work. In order for people to achieve their study, migration and work dreams, I offer students more than just paper based materials and mock tests. After covering specific topics in reading, writing, listening and speaking, I compose mock tests to check and see the progress and results of each student. This is a custom based pronounced level of information, which will be provided to IELTS and PTE students.

K-G6 English tuition
(kindergarten to grade 6)

By kickstarting your child’s education in English, they will benefit in the insight of profiency.

Their level of achievement increases which drives them to challenge and accomplish greatness. Be it in additional support or with homework assistance in their primary school years, these English tuition classes will be customised to your child’s needs.

Grades 7 to 10

Gear up your child in their high school years with a group or one on one individual English tuition class, to prepare and equip them for their senior standard years. There is assistance on various different topics in the English subject.

Grades 11 to 12

Qualify and prepare your child for their scholarship, VCE or University entrance exams with extra help from this tuition service, which in return will support their learning ability in the current English curriculum.

University, PTE, IELTS, ESL and other services

To be qualified or eligible for migration, work or study within Australia, you need to establish first a minimum requisite from an Australian certified English test. To prepare for this specific test, it is vital to have the right training professional that specialise in IELTS & PTE, which these tuition programs hold.

I provide information to all three categories. If you are migrating, apart from classes and training; I also deliver guides and useful links on migration. If you are starting your study in Australia, I lead you towards the right Australian Universities and other tertiary institutions to generate great results during your study here. If you are coming for work related matters, IELTS or even an easy route of PTE training in my programs help you gain skills in the English language and its proficiency.

PTE to be precise, is the most unbiased proof of English skills and ability in English. The help acquired from PTE is world recognised and accepted by governments and universities. I take a two-step process. First step, I make students do hand written tasks which I later run through an online system that generates the AI results. The second step, I let the students themselves, process and complete the computer related tests, which in return gives them
the result. This demonstrates if the student still needs improvement or help, or if they are well on their way to determine the skills in English.

There are numerous different resources in this tuition program to assist with University courses, preparing for entrance exams and assisting with other adult skills necessary. In these sessions, your individual strengths and weaknesses are addressed in order to build a more  encouraged, motivated and self-confident person. Therefore, helping the student reach their full potential.

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