We know IELTS exam stands between you and your dream college. Don’t worry! We are here to help you achieve your potential. We provide the best IELTS coaching in Melbourne at a reasonable price so that no one is devoid of the opportunity of availing our comprehensive IELTS preparation course. The preparation program is customized to cater to every individual’s needs and provides a holistic approach to crack IELTS exam.

How IELTS training Melbourne will be conducted?

We have been conducting the IELTS coaching Melbourne in a classroom setting for the past few years so as to make learning interactive and dynamic but the covid-19 pandemic has led us to adapt to new realities. Therefore IELTS preparation program will now be available online also. The IELTS course price will remain the same. A student sitting in any corner of the world can now have access to our quality material and experienced faculty. Remote leaning will be supported using the following platforms:

  • Electronic materials pack
  • Paper-based resources
  • One on one and group zoom sessions
  • Skype for Business

 What does the IELTS course Melbourne include?

  • WRITING: The IELTS Course will introduce you to two of the essential essay types which will include looking at two themes commonly found in the IELTS test. 

  • SPEAKING: Considering the speaking part, the students shall be given certain tips to enable them to fully answer their questions, while also making their score better. The techniques taught with us, will help you in facing a variety of questions on wide variety of opics as well. 

  • READING: The IELTS course  will take you through four of the most common reading question types and how best to answer these questions. Also, you will learn how to improve your reading speed so that you are able to complete the test and thus maximize your score.

  • LISTENING:  The IELTS coaching Melbourne will point you in the right direction to help you develop your listening skills by providing listening materials, tips and feedback.

Along-with all the above the IELTS preparation course will entail real time tests in a simulated environment which is similar to the IELTS test format. This will help you identify your mistakes and avoid them during the actual exam.


IELTS classes Melbourne weekly activities:

  • One on one zoom session with the teacher for speaking & listening test practice
  • speaking and pronunciation activities (twice weekly)
  • reading activities (twice weekly)
  • Grammar practice
  • speaking forums
  • Extensive writing and reading practice with teacher’s feedback to each individual. 
  • Class interactions, questions and discussions are enabled through the Zoom sessions and the Forum.

Elevating IELTS Classes online during Covid-19

 There are numerous young adults showing awareness and a keen interest to migrating or studying abroad. This is mainly in the IELTS sector for non-native and non-English speaking, international students. However students that are organising and preparing for their IELTS exams, or have received visas for abroad education, have been left with a major setback. With several foreign countries imposing travel restrictions, the IELTS industry has suffered terribly on the forefront of this virus. It has been a drastic holdup for IELTS test centres and a continuous wait on what steps will be taken next to adhere for international pupils.

Immigration agents are facing the brunt of this Covid-19 virus epidemic. The main reason being is that they have to hear and respond to parents whose children are already abroad, studying. With fear of uncertainty, parents are chasing up and contacting the immigration consultants assigned to their child’s case for IELTS and other international studies. It has turned into a draining process, not just for immigration agents, but students alone too.

So what do those students that are stuck overseas, away from home do in a global crisis like this? There are multiple resources to continue IELTS test prep online, without the hassle of sign up fees or adjustments. No need to start from square one again. But more on that information a little later, as you keep reading.

Reports given in the Bathinda Tribune, owner of an immigration agency, Parneet Singh Sethi says “The Covid-19 scare has hit the sector hard and its affect will be more in the coming days. One of my clients was all set to join his college in Canada in April. He took admission to the BBA course. Now, he has postponed his plans for some time. It is the right decision as health is more important than anything.”

Students that had planned to commence their IELTS studies overseas, have been told to cancel their booking for trips out of the country. University student, Preeti, seen waiting outside a local immigration agency says, “It has been a lengthy process waiting for the flight tickets and agent fees to be refunded, along with visa charges that have given a big burden for struggling students and their families. Not to mention pending student loans. I don’t know how the economy will recover from this, but the main concern for myself is how am I going to commence or receive any educational material for myself because I was not prepared for a virus to take over this way. I’m sure no one was ready for this. If we look for resources, where do we look? Who do we refer to? How do we enrol or attend these services without exposure during this time?”

While there are those whom are concerned during these uncertain times, there shouldn’t be any fret. There are resources and digital services available on international platforms online. Especially for those student pupils that have student visa requirements for IELTS and PTE purposes.

Many teachers, administrators and other educators have been responding and referring their students to e-learning. This basically means, that many are seeking online help on web based classes or lessons, either pre-recorded or live streaming.

A very popular e-learning program recognised as ETM or better known as English Tuition Melbourne, is thriving on providing e-learning lessons on IELTS and conducting live video sessions on Skype and Zoom on IELTS mock tests and assessments. The services ETM prepares are class timetables for online sessions, lesson plans and study materials for each of the programs. The tutor on this web service forms and facilitates private and group discussions, attends to student questions, in order to develop further plans and review student goals.

English Tuition Melbourne encourages parents to request verbal feedback for their child that has been fit into an online IELTS program. This is requested to ensure a proper and secure online learning environment. This way the parent also knows the progress of their child in their studies.
ETM has its programs so Intune with their students that the virtual activities and other learning services, encourages the students to stay committed throughout the entire program and stay connected. This is for additional benefits to increase their skill set and enhance employability.
Have you found an online source to further your abilities in English language skills? You can check out the link to ETM by clicking here and seeing what they have to offer for IELTS or PTE services. Don’t risk falling behind. Look to the future.

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