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Hi there Tutees!
My name is Andrea and I am an English tutor. With a passion for supporting and coaching students in their academic challenges, I offer online 45 minute skype and zoom sessions, as well as in person classes. These sessions are provided either as one-on-one private or group lessons, depending on the student.
I specialize training adults in IELTS and PTE, however I also guide young ESL students in English school work.
With many years of experience, I have helped numerous students succeed in their goals and achievements, which leaves me with so much pride and honour. The careful approach I use to creating and preparing detailed lesson plans, has a major impact on boosting each student’s knowledge and skills in the criteria they seek.
In previous work with an RTO (Registered Training Organization industry), I learned to communicate effectively with students from a range of backgrounds. In addition to corresponding with people of different nationalities and have travelled overseas in the same year of my school holidays, I experienced the different lifestyles and came to know more dialects of other countries. With this, I have also developed skills in working alongside a team and was responsible for making study material for classes. My strong skills in teacher based duties, have always been acknowledged throughout my studies and experiences in various workplaces.
Even when I was the student back then, I made sure to dedicate some part of my day to teaching others, through tutoring fellow students and volunteering for tuition seminars and classes. Hence, my aim is to educate and build a friendly, interactive environment that will contribute to bettering and strengthening student learning.
Since we are all unique in our own way, this experience also helped me figure out different approaches to teach the English language and further students in their reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities. English Tuition Melbourne welcomes and is open to international and local students, offering solid and beneficial tutoring services.
As an enthusiastic and dedicated tutor, my motto is to help students strive and succeed their dreams that they set out for in the first place. So don’t hesitate on clicking that button and make your dreams come true!
Look forward to seeing you online or in class!

Everything In One PlacE

Full assistance and support in General English and ESL, provided for students of different backgrounds and levels. The goal is to educate and build a friendly, interactive environment that will contribute to bettering and strengthening student learning. 

This tuition service is available for various different ages ranging from primary standards
(K-6), secondary schooling and University students. English Tuition Australia welcomes and is open to, international students offering solid and beneficial ESL tutoring services.

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