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Are you looking for English coaching classes in Melbourne to improve your English? Your online search for English tuition Melbourne ends here. I am passionate about English and I provide professional English lessons to improve your English fluency so that you speak English in no time and easily clear your English exam.

With years of experience in English tutoring in Melbourne, I am well-versed with the curriculum and help you gain confidence by excelling in English. I provide in-depth and dedicated English lessons online, specializing in PTE, IELTS, and ESL exams. I cater to both beginner as well as advanced learners, customizing my English tutoring programs to meet your high demands and expectations. With me, you get the best Melbourne English tuition that helps you succeed by unlocking your true potential.

Being an accredited TEFL tutor, I offer one-on-one English tuition for secondary school, kindergarten, primary school, and VCE English lessons along with adult ESL lessons. My lesson plans are carefully crafted with detailed planning to meet all your requirements. Also, the progress of every student is tracked and checked through regular mock tests.

I am enthusiastic about English language tutoring Melbourne and I ensure to provide your child careful approach by offering face-to-face or group or one-on-one private English tutoring by preparing customized lessons in English studies. Also, I prepare your child for University Exams or VCE and scholarship. My coaching module includes reading, listening, writing, and speaking classes featuring useful tips and tricks, intensive error corrections, and proven strategies to ensure a successful score in the English exam.

If you dream to study, work or live in Melbourne, Australia, your English skills need to be at the best possible level. So, what you are waiting for? Contact me now for a free skill assessment and start planning your path towards success.

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I will help you thrive in Melbourne

  • Professional approach for helping professional people
  • Face-to-face online tutoring according to your comfort 
  • Tailor-made English tutoring programs for individuals

VCE English tutor Melbourne: Get one-on-one tutoring

High school senior year examinations can make students feel overwhelmed, especially if we talk about VCE exam preparation. But through my private English tutor Melbourne, I help students get undivided attention through a one-person class model. My English tutoring helps you improve your English skills by developing cognition. 

Also, through my VCE English tutor Melbourne private coaching, you get enough confidence to beat your exam blues. Whether you need English tuition for secondary, or you are looking for something as intricate and specialized as English language and literature study, my professional English lessons are designed to help you cover everything from basic to advanced learning. My English tuition Melbourne also covers ESL or English as a Second Language.

My English coaching is also for corporate employees with ESL

Even though my focus remains on students from younger to senior levels, I am nevertheless also available to help businesses where employees come from non-English backgrounds. 

 I do help adults with ESL speak English with fluency. Adults can benefit from my English tuitions where I focus on no-shaming and more learning. Since I cover all English levels, I also allow corporate organizations and businesses to enhance the productivity of their staff by my specifically engineered programs for people with non-English backdrops. 

As an employee with ESL, you can improve your English and communication skills through my English lessons. I help you read with proficiency and develop English vocabulary with English studies specially designed for corporate. I do not just focus on speaking and reading, but also helps you improve written English by helping you with your spellings. 

Affordable English tuition melbourne – HOw It Works

Let's Learn with English Tutor Melbourne

Looking for an English tutor Melbourne? Your search ends here! I am an industry innovator and leader in English tuition in Melbourne with several years of experience. Tutoring your child for excellence or letting the child improve his/her English skills can help in achieving better grades at school, while also ensuring that the child’s English fluency is up to date. I provide an array of English Tutor Melbourne to choose from, and at prices that fit into your budget. 

No matter who you are English tuition Melbourne is here!

Whether you need primary private English tutor Melbourne or Melbourne English tuitions for the high school level or university standard, I am here to help you. A lot of people, especially in the challenging times of this coronavirus pandemic, are looking for specialized tutors who are not just experienced, but also highly qualified. Your search ends here because I offer you the English Tutor Melbourne that you had been looking for. 

I help you with VCE examinations and enables you with scholarship preparation as well. 

Know our English tuition Melbourne services

What makes me different, you may wonder? After all, you have been searching on the Internet for quite some time now and I am just telling you that your search ends here! How? Why did I say this? 

Well, here I am giving you some reasons what makes mine English Tutoring in Melbourne different and unique?

  • I am enthusiastic, passionate and result driven for my work.
  • I am specialize in the services you’re looking for. For example, I will give you VCE English tutor Melbourne who will exclusively help the students with English exams. 
  • If you wish your child to learn and excel in professional English lessons, I give you English tuition for secondary level with a tailor-made program.
  • Mine English tutoring programs are aligned, equipped and updated as per industry standard, norms and academic needs of every student. 
  • Mine English language tutor Melbourne creates customized programs on the basis of the student’s curriculum and syllabus, which can be further extended as required. 
  • Mine English tuition Melbourne classes are designed to help students with their exam preparation and ensure that they are guided in line with their classroom assessments. 
  • Through mine English lessons, students remain confident and well prepared with English studies all through the year. 
  • I help you improve your English with much confidence and required skills to get through with excellent scores in examination. 

Learn professional and business English with English language tutor Melbourne

Private English tutor Melbourne is readily available at your beck and call to work alongside you for creating English lessons that are important for your improvement. I help you thrive in Melbourne city, and Australia at large by learning Business and Professional English, designed for students of any age group. 

No matter what your age is, no matter which nationality you come from- mine English tutoring Melbourne programs help you with your school, college, and business skills. With private English tutoring, you can expect wide-ranging topics to be covered. 

English lessons are meticulously designed English tutoring programs that include spoken and written grammar use. 

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Customer Testimonials for english tuition melbourne

A few words from customers:

Larisa says, “I come from ESL background and working in Australia was becoming difficult since I found it hard to convey what I really had to say. Now I have improved my English- both written and spoken, thanks to English tutor Melbourne services. My professionalism has doubled because I can communicate with people better now with your professional English lessons.”

David has another story. He says, “I took help from English tuition Melbourne for in-depth knowledge. What made me happy and left me satisfied with their English lessons is your invaluable support. Your useful writing tips and one-on-one private English tutor Melbourne helped me overcome my shyness with the language and exam fear.”

Customized English Lessons

  • Get individually structured English tutoring programs to improve your English
  • I give specific feedback to help you with English fluency
  • I do not force you to fit into other students’ pace
  • English tuition for secondary students helps them overcome exam fear and instill confidence 
  • My English lessons fit into your language needs
  • I make private English tutor Melbourne accessible to all
  • I engage you in your specially designed English studies whenever you are good to go
  • I help you with each English module and let you complete at your comfortable pace 

Develop your English skills with professional English lessons

Develop confidence and speak English with fluency with my professional English lessons. Melbourne English tutor helps you.

  • Understand sounds with the help of verbal expressions
  • Help with pronunciation and accent reduction
  • Learn idiomatic expressions and build vocabulary with professional English language tutor Melbourne
  • Help you guide through your progress
  • Improve your reading, writing and speaking capabilities in English
  • Help you foster correction with proper usage practice 
  • I help you with netiquette standards, e-mail writing, formal and informal letter writing, giving professional feedback and meet skills
  • I will help you build confidence for oral presentations, practical meeting with people and proposal writing
  • I help you get better with your public speaking and provide you constructive feedback

Learn to speak English Australia style!

With Melbourne English tuition, you get to boost confidence and grow at a quicker pace. I will help you by mastering your skills around the English language and help you with Australian style language patterns. 

English language tutor Melbourne helps you remove your language barriers and build confidence to thrive in this innovative Melbourne city. I am flexible, unique, and driven by innovation and student-focus. 

Just pick your phone and call our private English tutor Melbourne! 

English tuition Melbourne

English tuition melbourne – Services

IELTS Classes Melbourne

There are numerous young adults showing awareness and a keen interest to migrating or studying abroad. This is mainly in the IELTS sector for non-native and non-English speaking, international students.

PTE Classes Melbourne

The unexpected turmoil of Covid-19 has effected each and every one of us that are infected and non-infected. It has caused a major stop to businesses, employees, job seekers and most of all students.

ESL Classes Melbourne

As student centres and other related services continue to release more information on this recent Covid-19 pandemic for many pupils


Grades 7 to 10

Gear up your child in their high school years with a group or one on one individual English tuition online or face to face class in Melbourne.

Grades 11 to 12

Here at English Tuition Melbourne we qualify and prepare your child for their scholarship, VCE or University entrance exams with extra help from this online or one on one tuition service,

University, PTE, IELTS, ESL and other Services

There are numerous different resources in this tuition program to assist with University courses, PTE clases Melbourne, IELTS clases Melbourne, English tuition for secondry, English lessons online, PTE coaching online and preparing for entrance exams.

About Me

Hi there Tutees!
My name is Andrea and here at English Tuition Melbourne I am an English tutor. With a passion for supporting and coaching students in their academic challenges, I offer online english courses in Melbourne for 45 minute on skype and zoom sessions, as well as in person classes.  These sessions are provided either as one-on-one private or group lessons, depending on the student.
I specialize training adults in IELTS and PTE, however I also guide young ESL students in English school work.

For prices on online English course please call us or contact us anytime.

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